Is FabKids a Scam or Ripoff?

FabKids is not a scam. We offer the VIP membership to give you the best prices and savings. You will never be charged for exclusive membership benefits including a VIP Credit if you log in and choose to Skip the Month between the 1st and the 5th of the month. Our introductory offer is like a welcome gift to you because we know you'll love being a VIP member; it is not intended to lure you or trick you in any way. Once you become a VIP, the choice to shop is always yours—there’s never an obligation to buy. You can skip any month. If you need more time to shop, or you've decided not to purchase that month, click the Skip the Month button by the 5th of each month and your payment method won’t be charged. You can Skip the Month as many times as you want!

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